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Shop by Room Dining Room Furniture & Accessories available from Oriana B Online Furniture Shop Ireland

Shop by Room

As enjoyable as designing or updating a space can be we understand that it can also be an overwheming experience! If you don't know where to start take a look at our curated collections for every room in the home to find the elements you need to create your unique space.

Living Room

Be inspired by our living room collection - everything you could need to make sure you are cosy, comfortable and relaxed!  Choose from sofas, rugs, armchairs, footstools and plenty of decorative items to maximise the time you spend in your living room.


Kitchen updates can range from quick and easy accessories to larger choices like island and table seating. Take a look at our kitchen collection to explore your path to culinary enlightenment!

Dining Room

Whether you have a separate dining room or its part of your kitchen, getting your table right is the key to happy tummy!  The Oriana B. collection of dining room furniture and homewares will see you right all year round and help you celebrate important and every day events with ease and style.  Choose dining tables, chairs, plates, glassware and serving dishes to make your meal time special!


From understairs loos to master baths we have a selection of accessories that will add some flair to the most intimate room in the house.


Everything but the bed!  Explore the Oriana B. bedroom collection full of bedside tables, baguette cushions, standing mirrors, trinket boxes and sheepskins.  All designed to make sure your bedroom is exactly as you would want it to be!


Create a serious entrance with our hallway furniture and accessories.  The Oriana B. collection features a stunning range of gorgeous consoles, fabulous umbrella holders, useful and beautiful coatracks, trinket trays, dried pampas and more.  All designed to help you feel welcome when you come through the door.

Home Bar

A home bar is a many splendoured thing!  Entertaining at home is one of our favourite pastimes at OB (next to going out!) and so having a great space to do it makes all the difference.  Check out our collection of bar carts, bar stools, glassware and more to make your night sing! 


We've got the perfectly curated collection to give your garden a spring and summer boost! Choose from our eclectic mix of garden planters and wide range of outdoor rugs to give your garden that special something.

Home Office

Working from home?  No problem.  Make it as comfortable and engaging as you possibly can with our fine collection of desks, ornaments, prints and stress busting prints to keep the workflow coming and the cortisol levels low!


The library is open! A library doesn't have to be a large room panelled with lots of bookshelves, it could be a reading nook, a space with no other purpose or an alcove.  Creating a quiet space in your home needs a great chair for reading, a small occasional table, shelves for books and a reading lamp.  Enjoy our reading inspired collection!