We are open all day and every day online and 10-5pm Monday to Saturday at our Studio in Fairview.
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    Oriana B. has grown from an unlikely partnership and a very simple belief: your home is an evolving story and as interesting as you are.

    It began in 2019 when Katharine Deas found herself freed from a long corporate career that had taken her across Europe. Settling in Dublin, she could see a desire for unusual, authentic and interesting interiors and she soon picked up a familiar habit of buying pieces of vintage furniture and selling them on Instagram. She quickly gained a reputation for a good eye coupled with her trademark efficiency and friendly professionalism.

    Just over a year later, Alannah Monks, a sparky young interiors creative, approached Katharine to borrow some vintage glassware for an upcoming photoshoot. Alannah was fast gaining a reputation for her engaging and original interior concepts in Dublin, and instantly she and Katharine bonded over a shared desire for polished yet eclectic interiors filled with character, bold choices and a sense of humour.

    That chance meeting and instant mutual recognition was the spark that ignited Oriana B. into what it is today – an online treasure trove of over 900 carefully curated pieces, a fabulous team of committed interior enthusiasts, a slew of successful pop-ups under our belts and our own creative studio in Dublin 3 open to the public. 

    We are immensely proud of our individual style yet we never take a one size fits all approach, recognising that your home is uniquely yours. Our homes are an extension of ourselves, a place where we welcome our friends and loved ones and where we can be our most authentic selves.  At Oriana B., we are dedicated to helping everyone discover their own personal style and we have produced a collection of eclectic homewares, contemporary furniture and vintage originals that inspire our customers to be uniquely bold and brave in their homes.    

    We continue to create, source and engage in the pursuit of self-expression. We hope that everything we do has inspired you on your own journey to be brave, experiment and curate a home that looks, intriguingly, just like yours.