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Floor Rugs

Floor Rugs

Adding a rug to your space is a great way to bring together a room. It can add, warmth, colour, texture and really completes a space. However, choosing the perfect style can be daunting and seem overwhelming. So we've put together a quick guide that can help you with your choices. 

Minimalistic Rug

Transmission Wool Rug 

Medium €375 | Large €645

The Transmission rug has a colourful yet minimalist abstract design that will work really well in an interior that requires a small pop of colour. These rugs are 100% wool with high density tufting and a soft finish. They are soft and luxurious under the foot without a deep pile. 

Medium: 120 cm x 17cm | Large 150cm x 230cm

A Splash of Rose and Navy

Abstract Rose & Navy Rug

Medium €125 Large €215

This delightful Abstract Rose & Navy Rug is the perfect statement piece for any pink loving home, adding colour and interest in all manner of rooms. The versatile palette of light and dark, warm and cool tones, is ideal for all flooring types from trendy limewash to traditional walnut. Available in two sizes (the larger one is shown here), this fab rug is made of hard wearing polypropylene so is easily cleanable and therefore ideal for real life!

Warm & Cosy

Sheepskin Rug

Single €100 Double €190

We love adding sheepskins to interiors as they add lots of texture and are very versatile. These natural sheepskins are thick and soft, they come in white, pink, brown, grey and light brown. The rug comes in two sizes: a single size that works fabulously for over throwing over chairs and the double size which is brilliant as a rug next to a bed or in front of a fire.

Single: approximately 100 cm, Wool length: 5 cm

Double: approximately 180cm, Wool length: 5cm

Please note these are natural unique products, so that size will vary slightly

Boho Chic

Boho Black & White Rug, €390

Add some boho chic to your living room or bedroom with the lovely black and white Beni Ourain style rug. These lovely rugs have a rich soft touch and a simple crossed diamond design that makes them work really well in interiors where you are looking to add a neutral tone. We especially love the fringed edges that give it that special Boho appeal.

One Size: 200cm x 290cm

Vintage Style

Vintage Runner, €55

Runners are so useful in so many places: hallways, kitchens, in front of sideboards, the list is endless. We especially like this design for it's contemporary take on a traditional vintage runner and the burgundy pattern will look fabulous against both dark and light floors. Also comes in blue and pink. 

Width: 60 cm Length: 225 cm 

Design Tips for Your Home

Living Room Design Tips

A rug should tie together a room, it does not need to fill the space and become a focal point. Placing at least two legs of your sofa and chairs on the rug will create a nice balance. We've created a few templates below as a visual. 

Dining Room Design Tips


For dining areas, it's best to have a rug large enough so that the chairs can pull out. If your table is expandable choose a rug that will be large enough for this also. If you have a round table, a rectangular rug would suit or even better a round rug would be divine!

Bedroom Design Tips

Depending on the size of the room, bed and other things like beside lockers, it's always good to have the rug coming out the thirds of the front of your bed or under the entire bed and beside space. Allowing for some space on either side so that those precious toes have a soft space to land! Another option would be to put a runner on either side or at the foot of the bed. 

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