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Style Guide: Rugs

Floor Rugs

Rugs are one of the most simple, practical and impactful things you can add to your interiors! We are big believers in the power of a rug here in OB and very much believe that every room can benefit from a rug. Here are some of our top tips for deciding what rug should go where:

Linear Pattern Soft Pile Rug

Living Room Design Tips

Having a rug in your living room is essential if you have wooden floors! Without it a living room can feel somewhat empty and, even worse, echoey! Rugs are a wonderful living room addition to help dampen sound and make the space more pleasant on all of the senses. Fluffy or high pile rugs are an excellent living room choice for this reason. As a space to unwind, having something soft and comfortable underfoot will only serve to elevate the space!  When it comes to sizing, use a rug to tie the room together rather than cover the space entirely. Having the rug sit slightly under the sofa is a great way to size up a rug for a living room, as a guide put the rug 10-20cm back from the front two legs and have a least 30cm between the other side of the rug and the wall/fireplace/other furniture. From there you can go larger but make sure to keep symmetry in mind.

Dining Room Design Tips

 Eclectic Flat Woven Rug

We will forever be advocates for a rug under a dining table! Not only will a rug under the dining table provide floor protection from stains and scratches but it will also transform the look and feel of the room. By creating a focal point of your dining table you can break up the space and make your table area more impactful. This especially works well in an open plan kitchen/diner as it serves to separate the two areas more. A rule of thumb when choosing a rug for your dining room is to choose a large rug that is about 50cm bigger than your dining table. This ensures that your dining chairs when pulled back still remain on the rug. If your table is expandable choose a rug that will be large enough for the full size version. When it comes to materials look for a flat weave rug that is not going to ruck and will be easy to clean in materials like polypropylene and jute.

Bedroom Design Tips

Rugs in bedrooms can be a tricky thing to get right but we find with a little creative thinking every bedroom can house a nice soft rug for those cold mornings! Depending on the size of the room, bed and other things like beside lockers, it's always good to have the rug coming out the thirds of the front of your bed or under the entire bed and beside space. Allowing for some space on either side so that those precious toes have a soft space to land! Our selection of Large Rugs could be perfect for this as they reach sizes of 2.4m x 3.3m.  Another option would be to put a runner on either side or at the foot of the bed. 

Hallway Design Tips

Vintage Burgundy RugOriana BHomewares

Vintage Burgundy Runner

The rug that is specifically designed for hallways is often referred to as a ‘runner’. They are perfect for hallways and landings as they are long and narrow, often reflecting a typical hallway shape! Hallway rugs can help protect flooring from scratches and dirt upon entering the house from the outside whilst adding personality to your hallway display. When looking for a hallway rug keep durability in mind and look for pieces that are easy to clean. Pieces made from polypropylene, cotton and acrylic make excellent hallway rugs for this reason! It is also a good idea to get a patterned rug for high traffic areas like hallways as a pattern will hide a multitude of sins!

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