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    Oriana B was founded in 2019 by Katharine Deas, having spent over two decades working in offices during the week and spending weekends in art galleries, antique shops and flea markets.   Katharine’s love of furniture has lasted a life time since acquiring her first piece, a 1780s ladies writing desk, with wages from a summer job when she was just 16. 

    A move to Dublin which coincided with buying an unusually shaped house was the catalyst for a second career.   Oriana B started life as 2Bears, sourcing mid century furniture at auction, arranging restoration and showing at Flea Markets in Ireland.  We launched on Instagram initially, pairing mid century pieces with contemporary art bought by Katharine over the years.  

    As we grew, we developed a website and added a contemporary range of quirky, interesting and useful home accessories.  We wanted people to feel that they could design their own home using different genres, colours and ideas and that we would provide nothing more than the inspiration.  For us a home is a journey where you can experiment as your tastes and family circumstances change, restyling and restaging to create your own story.

    Believing in the power of visual art and the democracy of design, we think of Oriana B as a bohemian interiors store with a strong mid century vibe and a certain maturity.  We like our homes to feel lived in yet retain some chic style with plenty of visual interest alongside the clean lines.  

    Where does the name come from?

    In the tradition of most interiors and furniture businesses, Katharine opted to name the business after herself save for the small inconvenience that her name is utterly unpronounceable and few can spell it accurately. Fortunately, Katharine’s widely used childhood name is Bear which was quite sweet when she was 2 but has now been shortened to B by her family to reflect her age and stature.  Having spent many years working in corporate roles, Oriana B is Katharine’s second creative career.  Oriana def. rise/dawn.  and B.  short for Bear.

    As we celebrate our second year in business in 2020, we are looking forward to continuing to source unusual, quirky and interesting pieces to inspire you to create your own home story.