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Wedding Gift Guide

Wedding Gift Guide

We have a rule of thumb when it comes to wedding gifts; cash is for casual acquaintances but real friends deserve something they will truly treasure! Some of the most meaningful gifts are those that will elevate the lovebirds' home and bring them joy for many happy years to come. From gorgeous kitchen essentials to adorn their tables everyday to wall art so lovely than it will remind them of their special day every time they look upon it! So look no further than our edit of unique and thoughtful gifts to say "Welcome home, newlyweds!". 

Classic choices 

In Ireland there are some very traditional wedding gift choices (how many crystal glasses and steak knives did you get on your big day?) but we aren’t known for our adherence to traditional practices here in OB so we like to give classic gifts a modern update. Take a look at the OB choice for modern classic wedding gifts:

 Whiskey Tumblers Gift

Etched Whiskey Tumblers | Set of 4€95

Toughen up this traditional look with some hard liquor and cool glassware. These whiskey tumblers smash gender norms and are the perfect gift for any couple who take pride in their home bar collection. We love the delicate etching on these whiskey tumblers in favour of old fashioned ridged crystal glasses.

Fire extinguisher gift

Nordic Flame Black and Gold Fire Extinguisher €115

The china cabinet is not a dining room staple anymore so we think updating the dinner set gift to personality filled ceramic makes the perfect gift for the modern couple! Gone be the days of the special occasion crockery. We firmly believe that your beautiful things should be available for everyday use and be able to withstand the wear and tear!

Patterned dinner set

Greek Inspired Ceramic Dinner Set | 18 Pieces | Six Guests€125

In the 2020s we are not making assumptions about people’s love or even willingness to engage in the culinary arts. Most young couples are busy folk who have neither the time, space or use for a large stand mixer or state of the art countertop cooking machine. Instead get them something beautiful to hang on their walls that says “I know you can’t cook but if you give it a go here’s a safety blanket, quite literally.”

Other Ideas:

Gold tipped cutlery gift, champagne coupes gift, cotton blanket gift

Gold Tipped Cutlery Set of 4 €60 | Champagne Coupe Glasses with Gold Rims Set of 6 €75 | Natural Cotton Fringed Throw €95 

Show them you love them!

What is a better way to show the happy couple how happy you are for them than to actually show them! Gift them some wall art that perfectly encapsulates their twin flame existence so they can look upon it every day and see how they are each others’ ying to their yang. We have some gorgeous duos of wall art that will make the most unique wedding gift:

Half fish head and tail print gift

Half Spotted Fish Print €120 | Half Spotted Fish Tail Print €120

One of our most popular wall art pieces is the delightful diptych of spotted tail fish and it’s easy to see why. These gorgeous prints are a bold and colourful addition to any home and blend into most rooms and colour palettes. They also make a wonderful wedding gift especially for those who love a cheeky joke e.g. “who’s the brains of the operation and who is the piece of tail?”.

La Lune Prints Gift

La Lune €55 | La Lune II €55

Our duo of La Lune prints are the perfect reminder to the happy couple that their lives now revolve around each other. These beautiful prints are romantic in style with delicate vintage finishes and subtle and moody subject matter. They would make a sweet and sentimental gift for those who travel a lot for work along with the heartfelt message “No matter where you are in the world you’re always sharing the same moon”.

Lobster and Crab Wall Plates Gift

Lobster Wall Plate €32.50 | Extra Large Crab Wall Plate €85

The perfect gift for Friends fans would be a combination of the Lobster Wall Plate and the Crab Wall Plate as every super fan knows lobsters mate for life! Aside for being the perfect nod to an inside joke, these gorgeous plates are the perfect pieces to start an heirloom collection that will remind generation after generation of a love filled home.

Other Ideas:

Clock gift, Antique Wall Panels Gift, Heart Wall Plaque

Antique Metallic Wall Clock €89 | Extra Large Antique Style Floral Panels €260 | Black & Gold Wall Plaque €43

For the Outdoorsy Types

When it comes to furnishing a home the summer pieces are normally the most neglected so the newlyweds might appreciate a little gift for the sunshine months and will mean your generosity will be remembered year after year. Forgo the ultra practical and treat them to something they wouldn’t normally buy themselves!

Fringed Outdoor Umbrella Gift

Pattern Fringed Parasol | Two Styles | €279

Our fringed parasols are the perfect little slice of luxury to gift. They tap into the romantic cottage core aesthetic and will fill the garden of the loved up couple with such whimsy that it will be impossible to resist plopping a two seater lounger underneath and cosying up for a long and lazy summer evening.

Outdoor Fire Pit Gift

Black Outdoor Firepit | €345

Speaking of spots to snuggle, what better place for a loved up pair than in front of the fire? Give them the gift of a cosy summer evening and treat them to an iron fire pit for their patio area to help them create an outdoor oasis for many happy years to come.

Iron Flower Steps, €295

Give the green thumbed couple a gift they will truly love and would never dream of treating themselves to with our Iron Flower Steps. These gorgeous decorative steps are perfect for starter home small garden spaces or balconies as they can pile potted plants high and create a bold and effective patio presence without the hassle of maintaining garden beds when they’re distracted by wedded bliss!

Other Ideas: 

Face Planter, Patterned Dinner Set Gift, Feet Planter Gift

Large Rustic Stone Effect Classical Face Planter €115 | Mediterranean Inspired Ceramic Dinner Set | 18 Pieces €125 | Rustic Stone Effect Winged Foot Planters Set of 2 €85

Help to Make Their House a Home

Wedding gifts are less important as a way to stock up the marital home with essentials and more as a way to fill the home with mementos from loved ones. After all, no home is complete without pieces born of sentimentality. Whether that is a quirky lamp that draws on a familiar anecdote or personality driven ornaments, give the lovely couple something to show them just how well you know them and just how much they mean to you.

 Vessels of Love Gift guide

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Vases are a classic wedding gift yet modern couples often don’t have the decor that would suit traditional cut crystal vases. Instead opt for a selection of modern vases and homewares that will help the newlyweds add some personality to their home while reminding them of their wedding day year after year. It also leaves the perfect long term anniversary gift of a fresh bouquet to match the vase (and don’t forget that the second anniversary gift is traditionally cotton!)

A Flavourful Life Gift Guide

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 

If the lovebirds are home bar aficionados then perhaps stocking up the bar cart would make the perfect wedding gift. This is the sort of gift that would make a wonderful package for a group to go all in on. Plan everything from the cart itself, the glassware, cocktail accessories and perfect ingredients to ensure their marriage starts off jolly and flavoursome!

Love Seat Gift Guide

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 

For those you really love you can treat to an armchair big enough for two to cuddle up on but a better solution might be to treat them to something that will dress their existing upholstered furniture. Choose some matching cushions, throws and a soft sheepskin rug as a gift bundle that will keep the happy couple cosy in their honeymoon period.


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