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A Guide To Feng Shui: How To Use Feng Shui For Your Home

A Guide To Feng Shui: How To Use Feng Shui For Your Home

Feng shui is an Ancient Chinese practice, it practices the balance of energy and elements. It translates to "Water" and "Wind" in Chinese, This can be applied to interior design, as space planning is a important aspect of interior design before adding in furniture and decorations. The most popular concept is to have a focal and zone area with different functions. 

One objective of Feng Shui is to create positive vibes in every area, understanding that all areas of the home environment should promote positivity. For example, the front door or entrance to any room is vital to good feng shui and should not be blocked in any way. This will result in good energy flowing throughout the home. 

Colours are used to provoke emotion with brighter colours bringing feelings of happiness and warmth whereas darker colours may be more structured. This can be similar to feng shui as they interpret the use of colour and connection to provoking a particular mood or feeling. An example of this is colours like earthy tones are popular in feng shui. Creams, browns and pale yellows are also very popular, different colours and tones can be used to create boundaries in open plan areas while still promoting the flow of positive energy. 

To provide feelings of happiness and warmth, add a calming lamp to your space.

Murano Vintage Calla Lamp 550

This beautiful lamp was made by Murano in the 1990s and has an opaque pink hued single glass shade in the shape of a call lily. It stands tall and when illuminated gives off the most stunning diffused light.  It's a work of art in its own right and becomes magical when illuminated giving off a gorgeous soft pink glow.  These lamps are quite rare and not often seen.  It's believed that they were only produced in very short runs.

Or add a Plant Pot to give your space more of a homely and calm atmosphere

Calming Face Plant Pot 14

Reminiscent of the Buddha, this beautiful little calming plant pot will sit on your shelf with grace.  The lovely matt finish works really well with natural fibres such as wicker, bamboo and rattan.

Placements of furniture in Feng Shui are vital for creating positive energy in a home environment. Sofas and desk chairs should never face doors and always keep the balance between practicality and aesthetics at all times. Also, natural shapes and forms are key to feng shui principles and there should be any sharp edges on any furniture. Lastly, any art pieces featured should produce positive and calming vibes. Art pieces that convey feelings of sadness and pain should be avoided at all costs. 

Add a calming picture of Japanese Still Life wall painting to evoke positive and calming vibes only!

Japanese Still Life 120

A scene of tranquil dining delight, this Japanese Still Life is the perfect way to incorporate artwork into your eating areas. It's shape and size make an impactful statement on it's own or paired to create a large landscape. We love the soft shades of orange and blue, the colour palette is versatile and will go with warm and tones on a wall.

 Or feel the oceanic calming vibes with a wall decoration

Gold Fish Wall Decoration - Set of 2  90

These gorgeous fishy friends are the perfect wall decoration for any space, but we could see them looking swimmingly in a bathroom or kitchen! Easy to hang with a picture hook and made from lightweight metal, they will sit in perfect formation on your wall in seconds. We love their swishy tails that give them movement and life, while their funny little faces are sure to bring a smile to your face!


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