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    We have recently become the exclusive Irish suppliers of Swedish fire safety brand Nordic Flame. We came across their product while on holiday in Greece and were immediately taken aback by this aesthetically minded approach to fire safety, prompting us to examine why fire safety in homewares Ireland is not more of a consideration in our interior accessories. Unfortunately, more often than not a red fire blanket and garish fire extinguishers are something that are shoved in the back of presses, rendering them hard to find if the time for use unhappily arises. Nordic Flame have created fire safety that is so beautiful it is a pleasure to display and a joy to behold, leaving them on hand for use as soon as disaster strikes. We’re so excited to introduce these into the Irish market in time for the colder seasons when fire in the home becomes more of an abundant risk with candles and stoves lighting around the country nightly. We’re hoping that these products will make people give more consideration to the safety accessories in their homes.