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    Set of old French Apothecary Jars

    Give your midweek a boost with some quick and easy kitchen updates. Read on to see our top five kitchen styling tips, and how to show your space a little love by switching up some of your accessories!

    5. Turn the everyday into something spectacular!

    Sometimes there's no avoiding having the most mundane of kitchen items taking up counter space. Be it everyday groceries, unavoidable utensils or cleaning supplies there's no reason that you can't house your essentials in a way that makes you smile!

    4. Take Pride in your Glassware

    Treat yourself and your tipples to the finest of vessels! No bog standard drinking glasses here, only the perfect chalice for any libation. Kick it up a notch with some vintage pieces, and give your drink that Old Hollywood glamour!

    3. Keep your counters stylish and intact!

    The best way to keep your kitchen looking up to date is to take care of the bones of it! Look after your surfaces with stylish trivets and chopping boards, which can stick around to style the area long after the cooking is done.

    2. Clean and Chic

    Eco friendly cleaning supplies are the latest in sustainable swaps, and we're welcoming the change with gusto! To help the switch to refillable products get your hands on cool decanters to adorn your counters.

    1. Open things up!

    Possibly the biggest shift in kitchen design in the past few years has been the move to open shelving. We're all eager to open our spaces and show off some of our favourite things. But with the practicalities of kitchen life on display comes the problem of styling. The best way to get around that is to make chic and clever choices with storage and throw in some small decorative items to create an aesthetic as well as functional display.