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Decorating Tips: Vintage Home Decor

Decorating Tips: Vintage Home Decor



  • As you determine the decor you'll incorporate into your eclectic design, don't forget that the room is meant to be lived in. Consider colours, fabrics and textures but above this, consider usability and functionality and let that lead your design decisions. Consider baskets, bookshelves, drinks trays, and card tables. These elements lend a cozy, lived-in atmosphere to your room.



  • When you arrange your layout, remember: Though eclectic style does involve combining styles and periods through a wide variety of items, the curated look shouldn't lack focus. Create a focal point (or accentuating an existing one) with an eye-catching element — say, an accent wall, fireplace, or bold decorative item.
  • When it comes to an eclectic decorating style, know that your eye needs a place to  rest. It’s not just about what you display. Sometimes it’s about what you leave out.

 Swedish Vintage Mid-Century Glass Vase      



  • Mixing furniture style will add interest to any room. The easiest way to ensure that your room will look coherent, even if it features a variety of styles, is to limit the colour palette. Instead of colour, focus on the textures. Mix leather finishes with matte wood, or metals with soft fabrics. Thinking of materials in terms of contrasts will help in creating a layered space. 
  • Dainty objects, such as a coffee table and settee, tend to look good next to weightier, heavier ones, like a leather footrest or heavy armchair. It's all about achieving balance. 
  • Another way to mix and match furniture styles with ease is to envision a theme. For instance, if you wanted to create a dramatic professor's library for a room with wood-paneled walls, you may start collecting objects that serve the theme: A green wingback chair, a tri-pod floor lamp, hammered brass baskets, a French secretary desk. Having visual points of reference helps keep your overall theme on track.
  • Keep a note on what types of woods you bring into the room - coordinate similar woods, and don't have too many different types. For example have an oak framed sofa that matches an oak side table, or teak chair in a dark shade that matches wooden picture frames on the wall or is represented in a table.  


  • A chic footrest is a versatile element that adds sophistication and utility. Depending on its design, it can provide extra seating, a footrest or a convenient place to set a tray and beverage.
  • Brass, silver and gold accessories instantly change the tone of a room and are quick way to add a vintage touch.
  • Pillows are a simple way to add depth and texture. Consider using accent pillows to add a splash of colour, or integrate floor pillows to provide extra seating.
  • It always helps to start a room with one focus object and build from there.




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