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2023 Interior Design Trends

2023 Interior Design Trends

It's 2023! Let's take a look at the new Interior trends that we are in love with for this year. 

Clashing Tones

This is perfect for when you want to go for more than one colour in a certain space. Clashing tones add some sense of fun and uplifts the atmosphere to the room, the rich bold colours is regularly seen in fashion which also be applied to your home as well. 

Source: Pinterest

Get creative with this trend by adding a bright blue feathered soft cushion to your home. 

Dark Blue Feather Edged Square Velvet Cushion €32.50

Or add quirky and cool ornaments to hit off this new trend! The White Mice candle holders are perfect to clash with a dark or bright backdrop. 

White Mice Candle Holder €45

Earth & Pink Tones

The Earth & Pink Tones emulate versatility with it's neutral and enhancements of wooden furniture. Earthy colours bring spaces to life so why not check out some pieces to add some warmth to your surroundings. 

Source: Vogue │ Pinterest 

Try adding a warm lighting to brighten up your space and integrating earthy pink tones to your space. 

Brass Table Lamp Pink Shade €145

Swedese Vintage Lounge Chair €700

Old is New Again

The Old is New Again!! We are excited to see that older styles are coming back as at OB we love incorporating vintage pieces with the modern. Mixing old with the new creates a nostalgic feeling to the atmosphere that is hard to replace. Check out a few of our pieces at OB to hop on the trend!


Source: Pinterest, Spextrum, Designbx

Mixing this lovely plush footstool to spice up your living room!

Broderna Anderssons Mid Century Footstool €420

Or adding a small bright desk tidy to your office space

Pierre Cardin Desk Tidy €110

Brown Everything

Brown is a key colour trend of the year! This rich neutral colour bring warmth and familiarity within the home. We are craving cosiness so get comfortable and check out our brown pieces at OB!

Source: Pinterest

Adding a gorgeous brown mirror to make your space feel bigger and add light to your surroundings.

Mid Century Rosewood Patterned Wall Mirror €335

Or add a colourful brown and red vase to create a unique space in your home!

Vintage Red and Brown Glazed Vase €120 

Unusual Tones 

Adding Unusual Tones to your space will create a unique and texture to your surroundings. Rather than the simple surface within your home. We love adding texture to a space at OB, check out some of your pieces to get the look!

Source: Architectural Digest, dezeen

How about adding a Metal and Glass Industrial Cabinet to add some unusual tones to your home

Metal and Glass Industrial Style Cabinet 2 Doors €745

Or add a Mango wood cabinet to your space instead

Mango Wood Cabinet with Black Legs €645

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