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Intriguing Insiders: Lynne O'Loughlin Talks Tripod Design, Her Signature Style & More!

Intriguing Insiders: Lynne O'Loughlin Talks Tripod Design, Her Signature Style & More!

Spring often brings in renewed vigor for change and change around the home is no exception! Starting a renovation is a great way to undergo a massive change to a space as it can create an opportunity to make your home into something very unique and reflects to your taste and aesthetics. It allows you to make your home more comfortable and functional. This could be something large like an extension or something small and functional like better storage, by doing so it can make your home more of a enjoyable space, as well as being somewhere that lives it's full potential.

Lynne O'Loughlin of Tripod Design is known for clever renovations, big or small. Tripod Design is an interior design practice passionate in delivering a clean, contemporary and creative approach to interior design. Lynne is also an accomplished academic, lecturing at the Galway- Mayo Institute of Technology. She began lecturing in 2003 at GMIT, School of creative, Arts and Media. She is currently lecturing on the Bachelors of Design programme in CCAM campus. Read on to get to know Tripod Design's designer Lynne!

1. What does your business Tripod Design specialise in and what type of projects do you work on?

We specialise in renovation and refurbishment and work in all areas residential and commercial. We design everything from new layouts, small extensions, building works, built in furniture and to fully finished and furnished interiors. We have our own trusted tradesmen if needed but also work with your architect plans and builders with our futures and fittings package. 

We have found that our 2.5 hour blitz consultation that is at the very beginning of your renovation journey is very popular. You leave with hand renderings and plans as a starting point and loads of ideas that can then be built into a 3 dimensional plan. This works great for small extensions or rethinking an existing space.

2. Do you have a signature style? How would you describe it?

I've been a lecturer in design for 20 years now so I have a very classic approach with an edge! I think about the design principles and use them to curate spaces. So I find coming from a fine art background has etched an individuality in my work where I avoid trends and think about creating spaces that work for people. I think about the durability and longevity of the materials used. I am extremely sympathetic to how our interiors impact environmentally and economically while also believing in how our surroundings impact on our wellbeing. 

A classic yet contemporary bedroom design from Tripod Design!

3. When did you first become interested in design? Tell our readers a little about your career.

I have always been interested in working in a creative pathway. However, I have worked in other areas of design including graphic and digital. I lecture now in interiors and feel I have definitely found my place.

4. What does a typical day look like for you?

I get up early to go training and after that depending on what day it is, I am lecturing or heading out on consultations or site visits. It's always different depends on the projects.

5. And to help our readers get to know you a bit better...What's your favourite food? Your favourite place to go on a day off? And your favourite piece of furniture and why?

I'm a vegetarian, a triplet mum and a triathlete living next to the sea so I love open water swimming. On my day off I like to head for a sauna and sea swim, get hair done and maybe finish with some tapas. I love mid-century sideboards and I just can't get enough of them (As you well know at Oriana B).

6. Can you please give us an insight into your design process or how you work?

I work on each project differently depending but I'd start with concept pages and then bring in my 3D designers if needed at that point. I do a lot of consulting so I do a lot of researching and creating visuals to communicate designs .

A fresh take on the Nordic Dream, a Tripod Design's modern and chic take on a kitchen space.

7. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

I loved being on the front cover of house and home magazine. To be honest the highlight is getting to work in the area that your passionate about. 

Lynne on the front cover of House & Home Magazine - July/August 2022 Edition

8. Any exciting plans for the future you can tell us about?

I have too many plans so I'm not sure where to start with this question. I may need to employ more help... I'd love to organise more design events to showcase more makers and creatives. This is definitely a plan that will happen. 

Visit Tripod Design @tripod_design or website here!

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