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Oriana B x McNally Family Farm: Nice n' Light Kale Salad

Oriana B x McNally Family Farm: Kale Salad Recipe

We are so excited for you lovely people to see what we have in store with this collaboration with McNally Family Farm. We are releasing our new spring collection that shouts out a burst of colour and warmth into the air. From strawberry salt & pepper shakers to bright electric blue candle holders. Check out our new tableware that we are so excited to incorporate spring food recipes with! 

This is our new Leafy salad bowl, this is a lovely green textured leaf style salad bowl that's perfect to plate up your fresh spring salads filled with nutrients and fibre. They can be used for family meals, gathering with friends and can be dressed up in a seasonal setting like Easter! Check out the leafy salad bowl here!

Leafy Salad Bowl25

Our electric blue six candle holder is a gorgeous centre piece with it's electric blue colour that has a more modern and abstract design to your average candlestick holder! The candleholder is stylist and eye-catching that can add a pop of colour and provide a warm space! Grab yourself the blue electric six candle holder to add a pop of colour to your space here!

Electric Blue Six Candle Holder€60

We were so ecstatic when laying our eyes on these gorgeous six piece multi-coloured scalloped bowls! The soft scalloped edging is perfect when incorporating it in your Easter table, it's perfect when plating sauces or even a salad to go with your main dish! Check out the gorgeous multi-coloured scallop bowls at Oriana B here!

Multicoloured Scallop Bowls │Set of 6 │€55

Oh Boy! McNally Family Farm Kale Salad is just a gorgeous salad that is nice n' light and adds a lovely green to the table. With springtime just around the corner, we are definitely craving a light salad filled with fresh produce and bright colours! Did you know that one cup of kale provides over two times the amount of Vitamin A you need in your body which is needed. Keep on reading to find how you make the nice n' light Kale salad from McNally Family Farm. 

McNally Family Farm Nice n' Light Kale Salad


1 bunch kale, washed

1/2 lemon, juiced

10ml olive oil


A small handful of toasted pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds


1. Strip the leaves off your kale stem and tear these into small pieces

2. Place your kale into a large bowl, add in the lemon juice, oil and a sprinkle of salt

3. With your hands move the kale through your fingertips, as if you're massaging it. (This will help break down the fibres and make it more digestible as we won't be cooking it) You'll feel and notice the texture change

4. Once it's softened, taste it for seasoning, then add in your toasted seeds.

5. Serve the kale salad on our leafy salad bowl (picture above) (Check out our leafy salad bowl on our website here) 



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