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Oriana B x McNally Family Farm: Root Vegetable Wellington

Oriana B x McNally Family Farm: Root Vegetable Wellington

It's important to have beautiful tableware and table settings when making delicious and fresh food for those lovely spring days. We have collaborated with McNallys Family Farm who grow seasonal, organic vegetables & salads in North Co. Dublin. We had the honour of heading up to the farm ourselves to see the process of how the farm prepares it's vegetables and dishes. One of the fabulous dishes that McNallys prepared for us was the root vegetable wellington! It's fresh and organic from the vegetables but crispy and warm from the pastry on the outside. Check out our new tableware that we are so excited to incorporate spring food recipes with! 

Our new and beautiful strawberry salt & pepper shakers are perfect for a spring table with it's bright shade of red contrasting with the hand painted colour of green. At Oriana B, we think it's important to bring bursts of colour to a spring table as we are needing the colour after the cold and dark winter! They add a playful touch to the table when dispensing salt and pepper to your food as well as a great conversation starter! Check out the strawberry salt and pepper shakers here at Oriana B!

Strawberry Salt & Pepper Shakers │€22

Flower Power! This beautiful orange flower plate is perfect for a spring table setting with it's bright orange and intricate details of the centre of a flower is easily identifiable. This plate could be used to add a pop of colour and a touch of nature to a room. Currently being sold at Oriana B, so click the link here right now!

Orange Flower Plate│€22

When life gives you lemons, Add them to your home with this sweet lemon platter! Full of colourful from the bright yellow of the lemon and the contrasting green leaves gives your table a spice of colour. This platter is perfect for adding bakery goods or even fresh fruit, creating and adding different dishes on top of this plate shows how versatile this platter is. Check out the lemon platter on our website at Oriana B here!

Lemon Serving Platter │€33

Now, onto the delicious root vegetable wellington from McNallys is the perfect Easter dish anyone can ask for! The perfectly seasoned vegetables with the crispy puff pastry is the combo of the century! Keep on reading to find out how to make this delicious dish for you and whoever you are celebrating Easter with! 

McNally Family Farm Perfectly Seasoned Root Veg Wellington


600g root vegetables, whole & washed (a mix of carrots, parsley root, Jerusalem artichokes and parsnips)

1 bulb garlic

1/2 lemon

Small handful of parsley

3-4 cabbage leaves, stem removed (savoy cabbage or January king cabbage)

300g mushroom (a mix of chestnut, shitake and king oyster)

1/2 onion, diced

2 cloves garlic, sliced

1 sheet of pre-rolled puff pastry (McNallys made their own puff pastry but pre-rolled pastry works just as well!) 


1. Firstly, prepare your vegetables, leaving the skin on top and tail your root veg.

2. Drizzle on some rapeseed oil, a squeeze of lemon juice, garlic cloves and some sea salt and pepper.

3. Roast at 180° until soft and starting to colour.

4. When cooked, squeeze garlic out of it's skins and through the veg, toss through the chopped parsley and season to taste.

5. While your vegetables are roasting, slice your mushrooms

6. Heat a knob of butter on a pan and add your diced onion and garlic. Once these have softened add in your mushrooms and salt and cook for 10-15 mins, stirring occasionally.

7. Once cooked, blitz in a food processor until coarse

8. Bring a pot of salted water to the boil and pop your prepped cabbage leaves in for 3-4 minutes to soften. Remove from the water and place on a tea towel to dry.

9. Roll out your pre-rolled pastry sheet onto a floured surface. Leaving the edges clear, place your cabbage leaves on your pastry, followed by a layer of mushroom.

10. On one side of the pastry, put your roasted vegetables on (as if it were a piece of beef, so try to pile it up)

11. Using both hands tuck and roll your pastry until it resembles a wellington.

12. Slit a hole in the top for the steam and bake in the oven for 40 mins at 180°

13. Serve on painted fruit platter or multi-coloured dinner plate (picture above) (Check out them out on our website)

To see how it's made on video, don't forget to check out our new YouTube video here!

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