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20th April 2023: Moodboard Masterclass

20th April 2023: Moodboard Masterclass

We held our first Moodboards Masterclass here in the Studdio with our amazing Audrey Whelan. The sold out event was filled with creative energy as people flexed their interior design skills with some gorgeous samples from Colourtrend Paints, Tilestyle, Havwoods, Cosentino and TCMatthews . We cannot wait to see how all of these gorgeous projects come together! 

Moodboard Masterclass | Furniture & Homewares Shop | Irish Home Shop | Oriana B

Got a project that is stumping you with the big picture? Or do you need to get your visuals in order before you can take the leap? Take a seat in our creative Oriana B. studio and let us help you create a moodboard to push your project along!

In our studio, surrounded by our collection of vintage and contemporary furniture, lamps and home accessories, interior designer Audrey Whelan will answer your design dilemmas and guide you through putting together schemes unique to your home.

Using paint, fabric, wallpaper and texture samples you will learn to combine these and explore how to bring your own interior design to life and help envision where to start in your project!

In this masterclass, bringing images and floorplans is highly advised! Even samples of materials and paint colours as well. The more information you can provide about your space the more beneficial this masterclass will be!

You will leave with your own moodboard creation combining colours, materials, patterns and textures which you can introduce into your home and the inspiration to progress your project to the next level.

You will also receive a goody bag from Oriana B. and 15% off any Oriana B. purchases made on the day.

Samples for Moodboard Event | Furniture & Homewares Shop | Irish Home Shop | Oriana B

What will this moodboard masterclass entail?

In this masterclass Audrey will:

  • talk you through the benefits of putting together a moodboard when furnishing your home and why it's a much loved way of working for interior designers
  • show you examples of how to combine different materials, finishes, patterns and colours to create an eclectic scheme that reflects you and your personality
  • invite you to explore our samples collection including paint colour swatches, fabrics, materials & furniture finishes and help you to put together a moodboard for a room of your choice
  • answer any questions you may have with regards to furnishing your home and give you some tips and ideas to consider


We have GREAT NEWS: our next Moodboards Masterclass is scheduled so keep an eye out as there are plenty more moodboards to come! If you missed out on tickets this time don't worry. Keep an eye on our Events Page for more details!

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