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Oriana B x Dublin Book Festival: Experts in Reading Nooks!

Oriana B x Dublin Book Festival: Experts in Reading Nooks!

Oriana B are delighted to partner with the prestigious Dublin Book Festival this year and bring our reading nook expertise to the iconic stages at Dublin Castle from November 8th to 12th!

The Dublin Book Festival is one of the most iconic literary events in Europe and this year we have the honour of bringing our unique and eclectic touch to their famous boards! Oriana B have been enlisted to dress the stages at the Printworks at Dublin Castle where the headline events of this packed programme will take place.

As a team filled with bibliophiles, we in Oriana B take immense pride in our ability to create cosy and compelling reading spaces and consider ourselves experts in reading nooks! With our broad selection of comfy and practical armchairs, cosy and colourful lamps and bookcases big and small, we have all the ingredients of the perfect book nook at the ready and are so excited to bring them to the stage of the Dublin Book Festival.

Explore our Reading Nook Essentials here.

Our Creative Director, Alannah Monks, is the chief bookworm of OB and is the keeper of the perfect reading nook recipe.

“As an avid reader and an aesthetics obsessive, having a reading nook that is both a practical and picture-perfect corner is very close to my heart!” says Alannah. “So, when the Dublin Book Festival reached out to bring our expertise to the stage I jumped at the opportunity.”

“My years of experience in set dressing teamed with my passion for cosy reading spaces made this partnership the perfect fit for OB!”

Alannah cites a comfy and upright armchair as the foundation of any book nook. Mid Century chairs are ideal because of their sturdy wood frame and firm seats, perfect for the attentive reader paired with an over shoulder floor lamp. Alannah is planning to incorporate the perfect vintage pieces in the Dublin Book Festival stages.

“We are bringing two stunning Mid Century armchairs to the main stage at the Printworks paired with a gorgeous three seater sofa. These pieces are upright and firm, perfect for the conversational talks and compelling panels across the festival’s programme. When looking for a vintage piece for your reading space keep an eye on things like foam density and arm height, you want to sit to attention when enjoying a tense tale!”

Reading nooks are all about the appropriate lighting, from concentrated desk lamps to softly lit table lamps we have lighting for all readers and will be bringing a variety to the Printworks stages.

“Pairing a side table with a table lamp next to your armchair is a definite winner for a cosy corner, and we want to bring that same feeling to the stages at Dublin Castle with colourful floor lamps and eye-catching table lamps atop bookcases and consoles. Accessorised with bookends and artwork with literary references, we intend to create a stage that any bookworm would be envious of!” says Alannah.

Mathilde Murray, Production Manager of the festival, is delighted to have Oriana B as a partner of this year’s festival and is excited to see the unique and eclectic flair we will bring to their stages.

“We’re delighted to have Oriana B on board this year and have Alannah work her magic to make our stages look amazing. We’re thrilled to also have Oriana B use their expertise to create a little reading nook in the lounge area, which will be a great photo op for visitors!” says Mathilde.

The Dublin Book Festival is on from November 8th to 12th in locations across Dublin city. Explore the entire programme here.

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