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Dopamine Decor Edit

2023 Trend: Dopamine Decor

Picture this: an all-white room with a cream sofa, white coffee table and a bright gold light fixture. Can you see it? Of course you can, it's the same intensely tasteful room that has bombarded your social feeds for years. It's lovely, there is no doubt! But at some point it begs the question; who lives here? There is no sign of life! Part of the OB philosophy has always been to express yourself through your home and make it as interesting as you are! Enter a new trend that's been dubbed Dopamine Décor!

The premise is simple; decorate your home with pieces that bring you joy. There are a few trademarks of the look; bright colours, bold patterns and decorative quirky finishes - a collection of OB faves! Your home should be somewhere that brings you happiness just by being in it, filling your brain with that sweet sweet dopamine as you look upon your beautiful things. This is a pillar of what we do since our inception and we are so glad that the trends have come round to our way of thinking. Take a look at our Dopamine Décor Edit and see how you can spread a little joy into your interiors today.

Mood-boosting Wall Art

Rock On Wall Hands | Furniture & Homewares Shop | Irish Home Shop | Oriana B


Quirky Wall Art | Furniture & Homewares Shop | Irish Home Shop | Oriana B

Rock On Wall Hands | Set of 4  €55 | Zebra Head Scone €35 | Blue Macaw Head €35 | Red Parrot Head Wall Sconce €35

Art has always been the perfect way to express yourself, but for our Dopamine Décor Edit we want to expand into the quirky and surreal kind to really give you something to smile about! Cool and quirky 3D wall art like our animal head sconces or our Rock On and Peace wall hands are the ideal way to bring a little joy to your walls.

Bold & Funky Side Tables

Blue Metal Side Table | Furniture & Homewares Shop | Irish Home Shop | Oriana B
Side Tables | Furniture & Homewares | Irish Home Shop | Oriana B

Blue Metal Side Table €150 | Orange Metal Side Table €280 | Mustard Metal Side Table €150 | Green Metal Side Table €150

Unleash your creativity with bold and funky side tables that will hit dopamine nail on the head! They inject a dose of colour to your living space and instantly become conversation starters and points of admiration. These side tables are eye catching and add that dash of playfulness to express yourself at home.

Eclectic Armchairs 

Orange Velvet and Smoked Leg Armchair | Furniture & Homewares Shop | Irish Home Shop | Oriana B
Armchairs | Furniture & Homewares Shop | Irish Home Shop | Oriana B

Orange Velvet And Smoked Leg Armchair €1,200 | Midnight Blue Button Back Armchair €775 | Black Mahogany Bobbin Armchair €1,250 | Cocktail Chair Cherry Blossom Armchair €495

Push the boundaries of traditional décor with these eccentric armchairs where comfort meets maximalism. Tried and true styles like button back chairs get a bright and bold update with bright shades and decorative and usual frames like bobbin shapes are the perfect twist to express yourself in your interiors.

Bold and Beautiful Mirrors

Yellow Rope Effect Mirror | Furniture & Homewares Shop | Irish Home Shop | Oriana B
Mirrors | Furniture & Homewares Shop | Irish Home Shop | Oriana B

Yellow Rope Effect Mirror €50 | Organic Wooden Wavy Mirror €95 | Yellow Round Wavy Mirror €75 | Blue Long Wavy Mirror €78

Level up your reflective game and spice up your walls by hanging one of these cool and quirky mirrors. These extraordinary mirrors break away from the traditional mold and captivate the eye with funky designs and playful charm. Not only they are functional, they are quite literally a reflection of yourself and your personal style!

Fun Filled Furnishings

Striped Velvet Pink and Orange Cushion | Furniture & Homewares | Irish Home Shop | Oriana B
Soft Furnishings | Cushions | Furniture & Homewares Shop | Irish Home Shop | Oriana B

Striped Velvet Orange and Pink Cushion €39 | Beaded Lobster Cushion €55 | Velvet Cushion Emerald €39 | Blue & White Feather Cushion €45

Soft furnishings like cushions with colourful patterns and rich textiles are a great starting point for the dopamine décor trend. Inject some of yourself into a mundane sofa or bed with a quick and easy throw cushion filled with pattern and personality!

Colourful Tableware

Western China Plate Set of 4 | Furniture & Homewares Shop | Irish Home Shop | Oriana B
Tableware | Furniture & Homewares Shop | Irish Home Shop | Oriana B

Western China Plates Set of 4 €60 | Orange Flower Plate €22 | Lemon Serving Plate €33 | Multicoloured Scalloped Bowls Set of 6 €55

Colourful tableware are the epitome of your daily dose of dopamine. Looking down at your tableware three times a day should fill you with happiness, from the food your serving to the plates you eat off. Quirky and cool tableware is a quick and easy way to add a little personality to your kitchen.

Check out our Instagram here as well as our TikTok for more fun dopamine décor content!

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